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My name is Rob, and I love to discuss ideas. I also love capitalism and what the American founding fathers created when they penned the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I work in the tech industry and have an engineering degree, but spend a majority of my free time reading and discussing the ideas represented on this blog.

We live in an irrational culture that seems to get more and more irrational every day. This represents my contribution to a more rational society based on reason.

To that end, this is a blog replete with everything someone needs to learn about classical liberalism and Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, which are my main intellectual inspirations. Feel free to read, share, comment, like, dislike and reach out to deliver feedback.

Most of my posts are long and well-researched, with the occasional polemic or opinion piece. You can like and follow me on Twitter or subscribe to get updates as I publish new material.

The views that are expressed on this site are my own and nobody else is responsible for my interpretation of their ideas or work.

One further point: I do not have infinite time to engage in flame wars online. Respectful, thoughtful comments are welcome and I may from time to time reply to them, but just because I do not reply to a comment does not mean I did not see it and think about it. I will remove comments that are rude or irrational. I also reserve the right to close comments on a post if it gets too much activity.

Glad you are here; enjoy yourself!


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