Letter to the Editor: Gig Economy Legislation

I got published in the New York Daily News letter to the editor section for my comments on the gig economy legislation that New York Democrats support. You can see it here. In case this link is not accessible, you can see my remarks reproduced below.

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New City, N.Y.: Gov. Cuomo and other politicians have an unhealthy fascination with stunting the source of progress in America: the tech industry. It is responsible for carrying America into the 21st century. Politicians like state Sen. Diane Savino should think twice before penning legislation that would kill the gig economy in its crib. And it is no surprise that union leaders like Mario Cilento “are in a better place” with regulations since forcibly “organizing” freelancers will breathe new life into their organizations, which have not been relevant since the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. New York can learn a thing or two from California’s mistake on this issue. Roberto Guzman Jr.

Author: Roberto Guzman

I support individual rights, capitalism, reason, and egoism.

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